The 6 hour diet Review – lose weight and keep it off

The 6 Hour Diet is different from the usual fads; it’s based on real science, and instead of exploiting myths to boost sales of supplements, meal replacements and gym memberships, it goes right to work on turning your metabolism into a fat-burning system. Based around eating sensibly and doing a modest amount of exercise, and doing both of them at the correct time, it’ll unlock your body’s natural fat burners and leave you with less fat and better muscle tone. Best of all it’s guaranteed to work.

Losing weight is something most of us would like to do, but of course it isn’t easy. If it was there wouldn’t be such a huge industry selling ways to do it. From pills to fad diets and exercise routines, there’s no lack of people willing to give you the secret of fast and effective weight loss. How many of them really work, though? If you guessed “not many” you’re spot on.


6 hour diet program

The 6 hour diet Review

Most weight loss schemes are based on bad science. Well, that’s not quite right; most weight loss schemes are based on unscientific myths. These myths work like fashion trends; one comes along and everyone’s following it, then it disappears and gets replaced by something else. Remember the Atkins diet? When that appeared, suddenly the media was full high protein diets.

None of them worked. After that came electronic pads that promised to massage fat away. They didn’t work. Workout tapes to burn fat and leave you looking like Jane Fonda? Didn’t work. You sort of see a pattern emerging here. Here are some of the current myths doing the rounds:


  • It’s possible to lose weight fast – Not safely, it isn’t. If you’re losing more than 2lb a week your body will start cannibalising your muscles for energy. You’ll also be putting dangerous stress on your heart and adrenal glands. Steer clear of pills that promise to shed 10lb in a week.
  • You have to do intense cardio to lose weight - Not at all. Intense cardio exercise is a good idea for heart health, but it’s no more effective for weight loss than any other way of using calories. In fact intense exercise works less well than a longer low-intensity workout, because for the first 20 minutes or so your body is burning its supply of carbohydrates and not touching its fat reserves.
  • You have to work out every day for 2-3 hours - For weight loss this is complete overkill. If you’re training that much you’ll be exhausted all the time and lack energy, and the only way to get that energy back is to eat more…
  • Women have to train differently than men – Some women are worried that if they exercise the same way as men, they’ll end up built like a man. This just isn’t true. Women’s testosterone levels are lower than men’s, and this affects how muscle is added, so if you want to end up with rippling pecs and bulging biceps you’ll need to take testosterone-enhancing steroids.
  • You have to eat six meals a day to keep your metabolism high - Scientific studies (e.g. Bellisle & McDevitt, 1997, British Journal of Nutrition 2009) show this is nonsense. What matters is your daily calorie intake, not how it’s spread out. Of course if you’re eating three proper meals a day you won’t be interested in expensive and tasteless protein bars and meal replacement drinks. Now, who’s saying you should eat six small meals again?


the 6 hour diet

As you see, all of these myths are wrong. There’s only one way to lose weight and keep it off, and that’s to burn more calories than you eat. It seems obvious but most people have trouble getting it right because, well, they’re believing all those myths.So, why the 6 hour diet it´s different?

So how do you get that right balance between energy in and energy out? A career change could do it; ditch your desk job and become a lumberjack, and you’ll shift that fat in no time. If that’s a bit drastic you could always go for a ten mile walk every day. That burns calories too, but it burns a lot of time as well. Remember how your body needs at least 20 minutes to switch from carbs to fat as fuel? Most of us have busy lives and can’t really spare three hours a day to get a sustained fat burn going.

The key, really, is to activate your body’s own fat-burning hormones. Do that and fat will make up a higher percentage of the fuel you burn, so you’ll slim down without having to starve yourself or skip your favourite foods. That’s right; effective weight loss doesn’t mean you need to cut down on your favourite meals and replace them with tasteless fads.

The 6 Hour Diet is different from the usual diet programs; it’s based on real science and will help you burning fat the natural way, without any chemicals. I don´t know about the other Diet Programs, but with the 6 hour diet I really lose some weight, and I fell better every day.Discover the secret that Top Fitness Models use to torch away their belly fat.


6 hour diet program


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